FertilityCare Practitioner

This qualification requires the satisfactory completion of the FertilityCare Practitioner Program (add link to FCP section of SPVI Education program brochure), which is a 13-month program for training CrMS teachers. The FertilityCare Practitioner Program provides education in both the basic as well as advanced aspects of the CrMS and consists of two education phases (Education Phase I (“EPI” ) and Education Phase II (“EPII”), and two supervised practica (Supervised Practicum I (“SPI”) and Supervised Practicum II (“SPII”)). Only EPI and EPII are presented on location at the Education Program venue. All other educational services are provided through an innovative system of long-distance supervision and on-site visitation. A student currently enrolled in the FertilityCare Practitioner Program is referred to as an FCPI (FertilityCare Practitioner Intern).

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