FertilityCare Educator

This qualification requires the satisfactory completion of the FertilityCare Educator program (add link to FCE section of SPVI Education program brochure). This 13-month program is the most advanced allied health program available in FertilityCare. It is available only to FertilityCare Practitioners with at least one year of teaching experience and who are certified as FertilityCare Practitioners (or in the process of being certified) by the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals (AAFCP) . The individual must have a Bachelor’s Degree or be a Registered Nurse. The focus of this program is to develop and implement a CREIGHTON MODEL Education Program that meets the standards of the AAFCP; or to serve as faculty on an established education program. This program has two education phases, two supervised practicums and an On-Site Visit . A student currently enrolled in the FertilityCare Educator Program is referred to as an FCEI (FertilityCare Educator Intern).

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